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A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

—attributed to Diane Arbus

Art is the most beautiful of all lies.

—attributed to Claude Debussy

It’s a horrible irony that at the very moment the world has become more complex, we’re encouraging our young people to be highly specialized in one task. We are doing a disservice to young people by telling them that life is a straight path. The liberal arts are still relevant because they prepare students to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

— Georgia Nugent, former president of Kenyon College, currently a senior fellow at the Council of Independent Colleges

American Theatre – September 2014

'On the Peculiar Nature of Theatre'
What’s a play for? Not to change the world, a writer argues, but to replicate the intricate workings of the human heart.
By Richard Nelson

Sharing My Quest…

Well…I am just going to throw this out into the wilds of Tumblr, with proactive apologies to anyone who might find it in questionable taste or what-have-you…but I have to ask:

If anyone knows of an arts organization or related group (or any group for that matter) who might be interested in the last minute sponsoring of a non-traditional undergraduate theatre student (design emphasis) for what should be their final undergraduate academic year (estimated 11 credit hours, plus fees, divided between 2 semesters because of how classes are being offered) please have them take a look at my blog (Not Quite The Worlds Oldest Undergrad) especially the entry from last Sunday, July 20th entitled ‘On Milestones And Deadlines' for more detailed info, a link to my current online portfolio, and links to other relevant sites. They can also contact me directly via the following email:

I am still hoping for positive results from the various scholarships I have been/will continue to be applying for. But I felt I should cover any and all bases.

Thanks everyone…

Sir Ian McKellen calls for a living wage for actors

Personally, I would extend this thought to embrace those on the design and production side of the equation as well. But well said.


NASA engineers use origami as inspiration when they fold up solar panels for their trip to space. Shown here: the Miura fold. Once a piece of paper (or solar array) is all folded up, it can be completely unfolded in one smooth motion. You can read more about origami in space here, and learn how to do the Miura fold in this video:

Image: Astronaut Scott Parazynski repairs a damaged ISS solar panel (NASA)

I see theatrical design possibilities…But then, one of my scenic design professors had us spend a class session working with cutting and folding so I should not be surprised.

(via npr)


"What’s been your greatest failure?""I recently did a dance piece on that, actually. It featured 200 point shoes, puppetry, and a 13-foot tall tutu."


"What’s been your greatest failure?"
"I recently did a dance piece on that, actually. It featured 200 point shoes, puppetry, and a 13-foot tall tutu."

Source: Grumpy Nietzschean Cat

Source: Grumpy Nietzschean Cat